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FLOOD spans the diverse cultural landscape of music, film, television, art, travel, and everything in between. Between its covers—which have been graced by Neil Young, Courtney Barnett, Jack White, the cast of HBO’s “Veep,” Run The Jewels, chef Roy Choi, and John C. Reilly’s Dr. Steve Brule, among others—FLOOD brings often overlooked culture and entertainment to the forefront. 

In this issue, FLOOD 9, there are four cover stories—on Paul Dano, Wu-Tang Clan, and M.I.A., as well as Tenacious D in conversation with cartoonist Rob Rogers—sitting amongst twenty total features, including profiles on John Carpenter and Spiritualized, interviews with Dawoud Bey and Swearin', and Breaking stories on boygenius and D'Arcy Carden, to pick a few. With your subscription to FLOOD, you will be sent both of the collectable print versions, as well as a piece of special limited-edition swag.

2 Year Subscription:  8 Magazines (4 Issues with 8 Covers) + Limited Edition Merch

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Lithographs: From legendary visual artist Jim Evans—a.k.a. TAZ—these 18 x 18 giclée prints feature artwork from the cover and title page of our FLOOD 9 feature on M.I.A., originally based on photographs by Jan Lehner. Known for his work within the ’80s and ’90s underground comics and zine community, TAZ’s portfolio includes hundreds of original concert posters with subjects ranging from Rage Against the Machine to U2 in addition to creating album art for the likes of Neil Young and Beastie Boys. With his signature vibrant color palettes, he gives Lehner’s images new life in the style of Jim Fitzpatrick’s Guerrillero Heroico. Limited to 100 each, both works were printed with archival ink on acid-free 320 GSM Coventry Rag paper at Risk Rock Studio, and have been autographed and numbered by the artist.

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